Could you find me? Oh You found me! You'll find yourself!!


Ciao a tutti !

Hello! Are you with me now? Good ! How are you when you find yourself on stranger's blog of the stranger?

Your action made me really feel fine. Do you think that I was so serious at that time to take a good foto?
The foto ? Which foto? Young USA guy, you are absolutely right ! I really recognized it today.

it was better in this way, See this is what I wanted to try at that moment. But I can feel nothing speciale.


Look ! This is YES, I can say , something speciale! 'cause YOU SMILE at me... You know that I was there to take you foto.


Today became some speciale day , thanks of you! Have a nice Florence !

Don't you want to make me happy again?
click these ones. once a each, if you are so sweet with me! Arigato!

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